I decided to use the portable PyPortal case designed by the Ruiz Bros. as my enclosure. You can go to this guide to build it -- either by 3D printing it yourself or sending out to a service such as 3DHubs.

I didn't need this to be portable, so I omitted the PowerBoost, battery, speaker, and switch.

I used all of the same 3D parts, and screwed the mount together, then snapped the top and bottom into place.


I wanted to mount my PyPortal Weather Station on my refrigerator, so I affixed magnets.



Use a piece of double stick foam tape to secure the magnetic pin back to the case as shown.

I tested it on my workbench drawer and it worked great! Time to place it on the fridge and plug it in!

Now, every 30 seconds, your weather station will update with the latest info!

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