Attaching strip to bed frame or other furniture

  • Cut 5 or more pieces of double sided foam tape.
  • Take off one side of a piece, add some hot glue to it and stick to the NeoPixel strip on one end.
  • Repeat with the rest of the pieces trying to make each piece equidistant to the next.
  • Reinforce pieces with extra hot glue if desired.
  • Now take the other sides of the foam pieces off exposing the sticky sides.
  • Carefully place behind bed frame or another convenient bedroom object.
  • Attach alligator clips the the ends of the strip to lengthen reach to PyPortal on a night stand.
  • Use a piece of tape to hold alligator clips in place.
  • Connect clips to JST wires on PyPortal.

All done, now go to bed! And get ready to be waken up by light...

Adding features

Want to take this light to the next level? What features can you add to make it even better?

Some initial ideas:

  • Setting the wake-up time using the touch screen.
  • Ability to change the color of light you wake up to.
  • Ability to change between 12 hour and 24 hour time.
  • Add some fun sounds to wake up to once the light has reached full brightness!

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