Crank Assembly

First we'll start by assembling the crank that acts as a switch to advance to the next photo. Lay the Crank part inside the groove in the Crank-Holder part. 

Attach Spring

Cut a 5/15"x1 1/2x.02" (7.94mmx38x.5mm) spring compression to 20.5mm in length. Next carefully bend one of the ends flat. Pass the end through the ring on the Crank part as shown in the picture.

Now we can attach the other end to the Crank Holder. Rotate the spring and Crank assembly to pass the end of the spring into the hoop on the Crank Holder.

Test the spring back action. Make sure the spring doesn't block the crank from rotating. 

Eyepiece Layers

Next we'll sandwich the three layers that will holder the crank assembly in place. 

Align the Eyepiece part with the Eyepiece-side and Crank assembly. 

Use the Crank parts center nub to align with the Eyepiece. Insert the post on the Crank into the cavity on the Eyepiece.

Note the orientation of the Eyepiece-Side fits together with the cutaway on the Crank Holder.

Fasten with together with four M3x16mm long screws.

Build Crank Switch

The switch is made with the use of conductive nylon tape. When the crank rotates, one contact meets with the other contact. This triggers the PyPortal to advance to the next picture.

We'll use two strips of conductive nylon tape to attach the GND and D4 pins to the Crank and Crank Holder parts.

Attach Nylon Tape

We'll measure two strips of Conductive Nylon tape about 14mm long and wrap about 2/3 the length around each of pins ends. Stick the remaining length to the Crank and the other pin to the Crank Holder as shown in the picture.

Assemble PowerBoost1000C

Now we can move on to adding our connections for the Slide Switch and Power wires for the PyPortal.

For the slide switch, we'll measure and cut two wires 110mm long.

For power out, cut off the jumper pin ends and tin and solder the wires to the + and - pads on the PowerBoost.

We used silicone wire to make bending them around components easier. 

Mount PowerBoost

Align the PowerBoost to the standoffs inside the Frame part. Oriente the USB port so it faces the edge of the frame.

We used four M2.5x5mm long screws to secure the PowerBoost to the Frame

Mount Slide Switch 

Make sure to first remove the supports inside the slide switch mount.

The slide switch press fits into the mounts inside the Frame part. Place the slide switch at an angle and press fit into place.

Speaker Mount

We can optionally mount an oval speaker to the opposite wall inside the Frame part.

To mount, first peel the sticker from the ring around the front of the speaker, orient so the wires face closer to the slide switch, angle and press into place. 

Attach Lid 

Next we'll mount the Lid part to the Frame. Align the Lid so the slot for the slide switch matches on the Frame.

We used M3x5mm screws to secure the Lid to the Frame.

Route Wires

The wires from the Powerboost can pass through the slot on the Lid part and into the PyPortal. Position the wires so they lay down and don't obstruct the screen. 

Mount Battery 

Next we'll mount our battery to the Frame. We used a small piece of foam tape to secure it.

Orient the battery so the wires are facing the PowerBoost. Position the battery in the center of the Frame part, but with enough space away from the slide switch.

Connect the battery to the JST port on the PowerBoost. We can flip the switch off if it turns on.

Attach PyPortal 

Moving on to mounting the PyPortal. Lay the PyPortal with the screen facing towards in the inside of the Frame. Oriente so the ports on the PyPortal face the PowerBoost cable. The standoffs with the cut aways only align with the correct standoffs on the PyPortal

Add Cover

Now we'll lay the Cover part on top of the PyPortal. Align the Cover part so the Rest button and Port openings match. 

We'll use four M3x10mm long screws to fasten the Cover to the PyPortal and Frame parts.


Attach Frame to Eyepiece

Final stretch! We can now move on to attaching the Eyepiece assembly to the Fame assembly. 

Align the Eyepiece assembly with the Crank on the same side as the PowerBoost

Pass the conductive switch wires through the slots on the Lid and position the wires so they lay down and don't obstruct the display.

Test Switch

Before we mount the Eyepiece assembly, we'll go ahead and switch on the PyPortal to test out the switch and adjust the Conductive Nylon Tape if needed. We can move the conductive nylon tape closer to the "end stop" if the Crank gets stuck during rotation. 


Slide the switch on and try out the slideshow!

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