Install Titano

Grab the PyPortal Titano and the screen cover. Place the PyPortal onto the screen cover so the mounting tabs line up with the standoffs. Flip the PCB and check the screen cutout is properly lined up with the display.

Secure PCB to Screen Cover

Use 4x M3 x 4mm long machine screws to secure the PyPortal PCB to the standoffs on the screen cover.

Secure Screen Cover

Place the screen cover over the face plate and line up the mounting tabs. The mount holes are asymmetrical so there's only one correct orientation. Insert and fasten 4x M3 x 4mm long screws to secure the screen cover to the face plate.

Connect STEMMA Buttons

Grab the two 3-pin STEMMA cables from the two buttons and plug them into the D3 and D4 ports on the PyPortal. The button on the left will be used for Snooze and should connect to D3. The button the right will be used for Dismiss and should connect to D4.

Connect Speaker

Grab the mini oval speaker and connect it to the speaker port on the back of the PyPortal.

Install Face to Shell

Fit the face plate onto the case. Line up the USB-C port with the cutout on the case. Make sure all of the wiring and components are fitted inside the case. Press the two parts together to snap fit them shut.

Install Speaker

Grab the speaker and press fit it onto the holder on the side of the case.

Install Back Cover

Grab the back cover and snap fit it onto the back of the case.

This guide was first published on Jan 29, 2020. It was last updated on Feb 29, 2024.

This page (Titano Assembly) was last updated on Jan 26, 2020.

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