Connected your PyPortal to the internet and want to do more with data?

You'll be using the Analog Devices ADT7410 built-into your PyPortal as a thermometer to measure the ambient temperature over I2C.

But what makes this thermometer particularly smart?

You'll be sending temperature data to the internet - using the best data service in the world - Adafruit IO - for real-time data visualization and long-term data logging

Want to give your PyPortal Thermometer more intelligence? set up a Action on Adafruit IO to email you if the PyPortal Thermometer dips below (or goes above!) a certain temperature threshold value.

Triggers were renamed to Actions in Adafruit IO.

We'll be using the Analog Devices ADT7410 built into the PyPortal to measure the ambient temperature over I2C

You'll also be using the ambient light sensor, which points through the front of the PyPortal, to turn on the PyPortal's display.

Wave at the PyPortal to display the temperature along with the current date and time.

The date and time are obtained from Adafruit IO and are based on your PyPortal's IP address - you don't need to add an RTC or fiddle with time zones!

CircuitPython Code

CircuitPython is great for building Internet-of-Things projects. Using the Adafruit IO CircuitPython module, you can easily send data to Adafruit IO, receive data from Adafruit IO, and easily manipulate data with the powerful Adafruit IO API.

You can rapidly update your code without having to compile and store WiFi and API secret keys on the device. This means that there's no editing code and re-uploading whenever you move the PyPortal to another network - just update a file and you're set. 

Prerequisite Guides

If you're new to Adafruit IO or CircuitPython, take a moment to walk through the following guides to get you started and up-to-speed:


You only need a PyPortal for this guide - you'll be using the temperature and light sensors included with the PyPortal. No other sensors or external circuitry required!

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