Face Plate Installation

The screen mount is secured to the face plate using machine screws. Use 4x M3 x 4mm machine screws to attach the screen mount to the face plate.

Secure PyPortal

Place the PyPortal over the built-in standoffs on the screen mount. The  standoffs with the half cut cylinders are designed to accommodate the display. Make sure the PyPortal is correctly placed on the screen mount.

Secured PyPortal

The PyPortal must be correctly placed in order to be properly secured to the screen mount. Double check to ensure the PCB is flush with the standoffs.

Install Screen Mount

Place the screen mount over the face plate and line up the mounting holes. Use 4x M3 x 4mm machine screws to secure the screen mount to the face plate.

Secured Face Plate

The screen mount must be placed correctly on the face plate. Use this photo to reference the correct placement. Note the mounting tabs are symmetrical.

Install Speaker

The speaker is press fitted into the holder on the side of the shell. The mini oval speaker has a sticky adhesive backing that can help keep it secured to the holder. The tolerances should be snug so the adhesive isn't necessary.

Connect Speaker

Plug in the molex pico connector from the speaker to the speaker port on the PyPortal. 

Snap Fit Face Plate

Orient the face plate with the shell so the USB and micro SD card slot are lined up with the ports openings. Insert the face plate at an angle so the snaps on the side grab onto the nubs on the edge of the shell. Press the two parts together so they snap fit shut.

Install Cover

The cover snap fits onto the back of the shell. The cover features snap fits on the side. Note the cover is symmetrical. Insert the cover at an angle so the snaps grab onto the nubs. Press the two parts together to snap fit them shut.

Installed Case

And that's it! The case can easily be taken apart and there's room for extra components.

This guide was first published on Jan 08, 2020. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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