We recommend using a Female-to-Female Stemma Connector and plugging it in between the PyPortal and the STEMMA Soil Sensor. No soldering is involved - just connect the cable between the Stemma Soil Sensor and the PyPortal's I2C port.

Angled shot of 150mm/6" long 4-Pin JST-PH Cable
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Mini Oval Speaker with pico blade connector
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The cable makes the following connections between the PyPortal's I2C port and the STEMMA Soil Sensor:

  • PyPortal 5V to Sensor VIN
  • PyPortal GND to Sensor GND
  • PyPortal SCL to Sensor SCL
  • PyPortal SDA to Sensor SDA

The speaker connects to the speaker port on the back of the PyPortal.

That's it - your PyPortal is wired up!

If you built a 3D Printed Planter, the sensor can be embedded into the planter cup.

If you do not want to 3D print an enclosure, you may use any planter and insert the STEMMA soil sensor into the pot. You may also want to position the sensor at the edge of your plant's pot.

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