Install Planter to Frame

The planter cup is inserted into the frame. Insert the cup from the top of the frame so it's about halfway through.

Install Drip Tray

The drip tray will need to be installed next. Grab the drip tray and begin to place it under the planter cup.

Snap Fit Drip Tray

Line up the snap fits on the drip tray with the nubs on the bottom of the planter cup. Firmly press the two parts to snap fit them together.

Snap Fit Planter

With the drip tray now installed, begin to push the planter cup all the way into the frame. Nubs on the outside of the cup are used for snap fitting into the frame. Firmly press the planter cup into the frame.

Installed Planter

The planter cup is held in place with the snap fits. Rotate the planter cup so the flat surface is parallel with the front facing open end.

Install Soil Sensor

Insert the STEMMA cable through the hole in the planter cup. The cable is inserted through inside the planter.

Install Sensor Plate

Fit the sensor plate into the opening on the side of the planter cup. Position the plate so the mounting tabs are lined up with the mounting holes on the planter cup.

Secure Sensor Plate

Insert two M2.5 x 6mm long screws through the mounting holes on the planter cup. Install two M2.5 hex nuts onto the threads of the screws. Use a screw driver to fasten the screws onto the hex nuts.

Installed Soil Sensor Planter

The soil sensor is mounted to the planter cup with the capacitive tip being inside and the electrical components on the outside. This keeps any dirt and water away from the components on-board the soil sensor.

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