The PyPortal has a built-in Temperature and Light sensor that we will make good use of, but we can always add more. Motion sensors are a good way to tell if a person is in a particular room and so we will be using a passive infrared (or PIR) sensor as a "people detector".

On the PyPortal, there are two STEMMA 3-Pin JST connectors that make it easy to connect new sensors. Here is what you will need:

Angled shot of STEMMA JST PH 3-Pin to Female Header Cable - 200mm.
This cable will let you turn a JST PH 3-pin cable port into 3 individual wires with high-quality 0.1" female header sockets on the end. We're carrying these to match up with...
In Stock
PIR (motion) sensor with a cable around it.
PIR sensors are used to detect motion from pets/humanoids from about 20 feet away (possibly works on zombies, not guaranteed). This one has an adjustable delay before firing (approx...
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You will want to connect the STEMMA 3-Pin JST to the D3 port on the PyPortal.

The other end of the wires get connected to the PIR sensor.

  • Black wire to GND
  • White wire to OUT
  • Red wire to +5V

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