At the top of the code there is a section with some user changeable settings. It looks like this:

#--| USER CONFIG |--------------------------
MARK_SIZE = 10           # marker radius
MARK_COLOR = 0xFF3030    # marker color
MARK_THICKNESS = 5       # marker thickness
TRAIL_LENGTH = 200       # trail length
TRAIL_COLOR = 0xFFFF00   # trail color
DATE_COLOR = 0x111111    # date color
TIME_COLOR = 0x111111    # time color
LAT_MAX = 80             # latitude (deg) of map top/bottom edge
UPDATE_RATE = 10         # update rate in seconds

You can change the general appearance of the circular marker using MARK_SIZE, MARK_COLOR, MARK_THICKNESS. The trail can be adjusted with TRAIL_LENGTH and TRAIL_COLOR.The data and clock color can be changed with DATE_COLOR and CLOCK_COLOR.

If you use a different map, you can adjust the vertical scaling by specifying the latitude (in degrees) of the upper and lower edges of the map with LAT_MAX. The map used for this guide was cropped at about 80deg of latitude.

You can also change the rate at which the web service is queried and the display is updated using UPDATE_RATE. However, setting this to anything lower (faster) than the default 10 isn't recommended. There's no need to query the service any faster since the amount of pixels the marker will move in 10 seconds is pretty small.

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