CircuitPython Power!

Build a simple Guitar Tuner with CircuitPython and Adafruit PyPortal! Use the touch screen to tap on tuning pegs and play music notes. The notes are pre-recorded wav audio files of guitar strings. The graphic of the head stock is a single bitmap. This uses the displayio library for CircuitPython and can be customized to make a unique sound board.

3D Printed PyPortal Case

The Adafruit PyPortal and a mini oval speaker are secured to a 3D printed enclosure using M2.5 screws and standoffs. The PyPortal is mounted vertically and features a built-in holder for a speaker.


Front view of a Adafruit PyPortal - CircuitPython Powered Internet Display with a pyportal logo image on the display.
PyPortal, our easy-to-use IoT device that allows you to create all the things for the “Internet of Things” in minutes. Make custom touch screen interface...
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Mini Oval Speaker with pico blade connector
Hear the good news! This wee speaker is a great addition to any audio project where you need 8 ohm impedance and 1W or less of power. We particularly like...
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Fully Reversible Pink/Purple USB A to micro B Cable
This cable is not only super-fashionable, with a woven pink and purple Blinka-like pattern, it's also fully reversible! That's right, you will save seconds a day by...
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Black Nylon Screw and Stand-off Set with M2.5 Threads, kit box
Totaling 380 pieces, this M2.5 Screw Set is a must-have for your workstation. You'll have enough screws, nuts, and hex standoffs to fuel your maker...
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