Want to write a message to your PyPortal's display? Perhaps you'd like to easily add and change text on your PyPortal's display to use it as a smart sticky-note, or have people email it directly! 

Using Zapier, you will set up a Zap to receive email via a custom Zapier email address at zapiermail.com and forward it to an Adafruit IO Feed.

With some CircuitPython Code, your PyPortal will be obtaining the current value of an Adafruit IO Feed and updating the display with the email sender address and the subject line.

Adafruit IO and Zapier

Adafruit IO is the easiest way to stream, log, and interact with your data. It's built from the ground up to be easy to use - we do the hard stuff so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Want to automate your work by connecting Adafruit IO to the online apps you already use? Zapier is an Adafruit IO Connected Service which can receive email alerts, interact with smart devices, or publish your Adafruit IO feeds directly to Google Docs.

CircuitPython Code

CircuitPython is perfect for building Internet-of-Things projects. This project uses the PyPortal CircuitPython module, which can send web requests and display the response on the PyPortal!

You can rapidly update your code without having to compile and store WiFi and API secret keys on the device. This means that there's no editing code and re-uploading whenever you move the PyPortal to another network - just update a file and you're set. 

Want to do more with IoT and your PyPortal? With the Adafruit IO CircuitPython module, you can easily send data to Adafruit IO, receive data from Adafruit IO, and easily manipulate data with the powerful Adafruit IO API.

Prerequisite Guides

If you're new to Adafruit IO or CircuitPython, take a moment to walk through the following guides to get you started and up-to-speed:


You only need a PyPortal for this guide - no other sensors or breakouts are required!

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