Animated GIFs are a staple of the Internet - and thanks to the speedy SAMD51 chip and our Arcada display library, we can show animated GIFs right from the onboard filesystem for keeping your favorite memes with you all the time even when the Internet is down!

In this project we'll show you how to use some nifty Arduino C++ code that can decode GIF files, and display them on a TFT display. Behind the scenes we use DMA for fast display updates so you don't see any flickering.

The SAMD51 microcontroller we use is pretty fast and does the best it can to decode GIFs, but at full-size, complex GIFs may not run at full speed!

We recommend sticking to GIFs that don't have high frame rates, lots of colors, or need to run at full-speed to look good. Plenty of GIFs will look just fine, just don't expect highest quality / high definition!

Supported Boards

The GIF decoder builds on Adafruit Arcada which supports the SAMD51 chipset and color GFX displays. At this time we recommend the following boards which 'just work' and also have touch/joypad controls:

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