Now, we'll create a nice enclosure for the PyPortal to display our quotes using a book box. You could also choose any small craft box, a recipe box, cigar box, or hollow out a book.

To assist in cutting the window and holes out, you can print this template on your printer, and then cut out the inner rectangle and holes. Be sure to print at 1:1 ration with scaling set to 100%.

Then, tape the frame to your box and trace the inner rectangle and holes with a pencil or pen, then cut out the rectangle with a hobby knife. Punch or drill out the holes with a reamer or drill.

Cutting Template

Use the template to transfer the proper dimensions for cutting the window for the screen and holes for mounting that match the dimensions of the PyPortal.

You can use a pencil or marker to trace the window and hole centers.


Using a hobby knife or box cutter and a straight edge, make several cuts to progressively cut through the lid of the book box.

Be careful and take your time to avoid slipping the blade.


Use an awl, push drill, reamer, or hand drill to make the holes for the mounting screws. These should be about 3mm in diameter.


Screw the four M3 x 10mm screws into the book box lid as shown.

Mount the PyPortal

Open the lid and then place the PyPortal mounting holes over the four screws, being careful to align the screen to be square with the window.

The window is intentionally smaller than the screen so that the screen will be supported, sandwiched between the book box lid and the PCB.

Screw on the four nuts finger tight. Don't screw them in with too much force or you'll risk breaking the screen or PCB.

Be sure to match this alignement so that your screen will be right side up and the USB port will be at the lower right when the book box is standing upright in the desired orientation.

This is one way to display the Quote Book, using the book box slightly open as and angled display.


Plug the USB cable into the PyPortal to power it. It will start up, display the background image and then take a little time to connect to your WiFi before serving up the first quote.

If your display does not start changing quotes, double check you loaded all the files noted earlier and edited the settings file to include your WiFi credentials.

Cable Port

If you would prefer to close the book box fully, you'll need to accommodate the USB cable with a cutout.

You can mark off the location and then use a chisel or small hand saw to cut out a notch.


There you are! Your PyPortal Adafruit Quote Book is complete and ready to serve up inspirational words!

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