Time to use the Pyloton and get your quantified self out on a bike ride!

Make sure you've got your heart rate monitor turned on and strapped to your wrist or chest, and give your bike crank and wheel a little wiggle to make sure the sensors are awake.

Then, turn on the Pyloton. It'll begin looking for connections to the iOS device, heart rate monitor, and cadence & speed sensors. The first one it will attempt is the connection to the iOS device.

iOS Connection

With Bluetooth turned on on the iOS device, you will see the Pyloton pop up in the Other Devices list. Go ahead and click it.

Note: the device may have a name like CIRCUITPYadde as seen here. Pick the device and it will make pop up the Bluetooth Pairing Request dialog box. Click Pair.

The Pyloton will show up in your My Devices list as Connected, and it will automatically connect in the future.

AMS Connection

The Pyloton will display that it is making a connection to the Apple Media Service.

Sensor Connections

Next, the Pyloton will look for and connect to a heart rate monitor, followed by a cadence & speed sensor. There is no pairing/bonding step for these, the Pyloton will simply connect to the first ones it encounters that are advertising those services.


The Pyloton will now display:

  • Heart rate
  • Cycling Speed
  • Cycling Cadence
  • Song title and artist track info

Get Track Info

Go ahead and launch a media player app, such as Spotify.

You'll see that the Pyloton displays the track title and artist (alternating every few seconds), in the track info box.

Change the song on your iOS device, and it will update on the Pyloton.

Send Media Control Commands

You can also send the player commands from the Pyloton.

Press the B button (on the right) of the CLUE to lower the volume or the A button to increase it.

The three capacitive touch sensors on the edge connector of the CLUE are used for more media controls:

  • Pad 0 selects the previous track
  • Pad 1 pauses/plays the current track
  • Pad 2 selects the next track

This guide was first published on Feb 26, 2020. It was last updated on Jun 19, 2024.

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