After pairing your CLUE with the PyLeap app, scroll down to the PyLeap CLUE Sensor Plotter project in the list. Tap to open it and then tap on Run it! to download the project to your CLUE over BLE.

Once the project is uploaded, the code will begin running. First, you'll see a "button guide" on the screen that tells you what the CLUE's A and B buttons do. The A button has a few different functions depending on the length of time that you press the button.

  • Short press: advance to the next sensor
  • Two seconds: change the palette (colors on the display)
  • Three seconds: opens the Mu plotter if your CLUE is connected via USB to Mu
  • Four seconds: locks the range of the plot

The B button changes the style of the plot. You can choose between plotting with a line or dots and having the plotter scroll or wrap.

Toggle through plotting the different sensors on the CLUE. As the sensors' values change, you'll see the onscreen plot change as well.

Going Further

If you're curious about what makes the code tick, or plot, you can check out the original Learn Guide by Kevin Walters. It goes into depth on how everything is working.

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