What is File Glider?

From the description in the App store, File Glider allows you to:

Wirelessly transfer files to and from file transfer-ready Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) firmware. You can browse and edit files from within File Glider or use the Files app integration to access the files from other apps. Multiple devices can be managed at once and access can be shared amongst multiple apps.

Basically, this app allows you to transfer files from your iOS device to your CPB wirelessly with a couple of taps. It also lets you add and edit code on the CPB directly from the App, how neat!

Step 1: Download the File Glider App from the App Store.

Using your iOS device, download the File Glider App.

You must have an iOS device in order to download this app. We are currently rewriting our BLE Android library to provide File Glider and PyLeap to Android users but this will not be ready until later.

Step 2: Connect your BLE board to your iOS device through the app.

Open the File Glider App after it finishes downloading and make sure your board is connected to your computer.

  • Click the reset button on the board.
  • You will see the board NeoPixels flash through a series of colors, first red, then yellow then blue.
  • When the blue appears, click the reset button again.
  • The NeoPixels will then flash through another series of colors then turn blue momentarily before turning off again.
  • The app should then state "Status: connected..." 
  • Then a Bluetooth Pairing Request will pop up, select "Pair".
  • The board is now connected to the File Glider App!


Problem: You try to connect your board but then you see the following error on the app "Disconnected: Peer removed pairing information"

Solution: Go to your Bluetooth device settings on your iOS device (Settings > Bluetooth). Scroll down to the one labeled "CIRCUITPYxxxx". Then click on the info icon (a letter i with a circle). Now select "forget this device". Try to connect the board again from step 2 above and you should be set.

This guide was first published on Oct 06, 2022. It was last updated on Apr 15, 2024.

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