In this project, you'll utilize the CLUE's onboard BMP280 sensor to measure ambient temperature and air pressure. The PyLeap app will wirelessly load the project onto your CLUE over BLE.

The CLUE display will show the temperature and air pressure readings in either metric (Celsius and hectopascals) or imperial (Fahrenheit and inches of mercury) units. The code takes into account the air pressure reading and your nominal baseline pressure to adjust the servo's angle to point to a weather condition.

Barometric Pressure and Weather

Barometric pressure, or air pressure, is the measure of the pressure resulting from air pressing down on the Earth due to gravity. Since this pressure varies with altitude, different locations on Earth will have different nominal pressure values. However, weather can also affect this pressure. Taking both of these pieces of information into account, a barometer can be used to display weather conditions, depending on if you have a higher or lower than nominal pressure reading for your location.

Day 5 forecast of surface pressure across North America as well as the Pacific and Atlantic oceans


Animated GIF showing CLUE board  displaying data from the many on-board sensors.
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Video of a servo with alligator clips connected to a round microcontroller with pads. The horns on the servo oscillate.
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Angled shot of a Clear Acrylic Enclosure + Hardware Kit for Adafruit CLUE.
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1 x Paper Plate
Paper plate to mount the servo and CLUE to

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