To wire up the strip of NeoPixels to the CLUE, you'll clip the NeoPixel strip's alligator clips to the CLUE's pads located at the bottom of the board. The alligator clips are color coded so that you can tell which connection goes where.

Wiring Diagram

  • NeoPixel Data In to CLUE pad 0 (white wire)
  • NeoPixel Power to CLUE 3V pad (red wire)
  • NeoPixel Ground to CLUE GND pad (black wire)


First, make sure that your CLUE is disconnected from power. Then, clip the NeoPixel strip's white alligator clip to the CLUE's pad 0. This is the data input for the NeoPixel strip.

Next, clip the NeoPixel strip's red alligator clip to the CLUE's 3V pad. This is the power input for the NeoPixel strip.

Finally, clip the NeoPixel strip's black alligator clip to the CLUE's GND pad. This is the ground connection for the NeoPixel strip.

Now your NeoPixel strip is connected to your CLUE!

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