Now that you're done uploading the correct firmware, disconnect your device from your computer and power it via LiPoly or AAA battery pack.

Pairing device to PyLeap

Once powered, press the small Reset button in the center of the board. When the blue light flashes, press the reset button again.

When done correctly, the LEDs will flash yellow followed by solid blue. Once this occurs, the board will continuously be in discovery mode.

Scan & Connect

Open the Bluefruit Playground app on your iPhone or iPad. While your device is in discovery mode, hold your Circuit Playground Bluefruit very closely to your mobile device. 

On the lower left-side of you iPhone or iPad you'll notice a status indicator that will let you know your current pairing status.

Once you've found your device and received the Bluetooth Pairing Request message, press Pair to pair your board to your iPhone or iPadOS.

If your CPB doesn't appear:

  1. Check to see if the CPB is powered on. Verify that the green On light is lit.
  2. Make sure CPB is running the correct firmware. See the Circuit Python page in this guide.
  3. Try resetting the CPB by pressing the small Reset button near the center of the board.

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