The Thermal Camera's controls are used to switch display modes, take snapshots, automatically increase or decrease image temperature gradient detail, and facilitate setting alarm and maximum/minimum display range parameters. The display shows the image or histogram and the currently measured maximum, minimum, and average temperature values in Fahrenheit.

Display Layout

The camera's display is divided into four zones. The temperature value sidebar is used to display the alarm (alm) threshold setting, the measured maximum temperature (max), the average temperature calculation (ave), and the measured minimum temperature (min). The sidebar continuously displays measured values during normal operation. When in the Setup mode, the sidebar indicates the current alarm threshold, the maximum display range, and the minimum display range.

The image array area consists of 64 blocks in an 8 column by 8 row array. The image array is used to display a thermal sensor image or histogram.

Superimposed over the display grid are the status message area (centered in the image array area) and the histogram legend area (near the bottom of the image array area). The status message area indicates various operational states including Hold, Focus, and the Setup mode. The histogram legend area shows the current minimum and maximum display range settings when viewing a histogram

Image / Histogram Mode

The IMG-HST button (PyGamer button B) is used to toggle between a temperature gradient image and a temperature distribution representation of the thermopile sensor's measurements. The IMG-HST button is operational when in Hold mode to allow analysis of held measurements.

Hold Mode

The HOLD button (PyGamer button A) freezes and releases the image or histogram display contents. Press the button once to hold the display; press it again to resume normal operation. The IMG-HST button continues to operate normally regardless of whether or not the display is held.

Focus Range / Default Range

The FOCUS button (PyGamer Select button) automatically changes the minimum and maximum display range values to provide increased or decreased detail based on the currently measured maximum and minimum temperatures. Press FOCUS once to change the current display range from the current setting to a range that matches the measured minimum and maximum values. Press it again to return to the original display range settings. Focus mode is useful when looking for increased temperature gradient detail or when the temperature of the object is outside of the default or re-set display range.

Setup Function

Pressing the SET button (PyGamer Start button) will stop normal operation and enter the Setup mode where the alarm threshold and maximum/minimum display range are adjustable. Use the joystick or the PyBadge D-Pad buttons to highlight the parameter to change, then press the HOLD button to select. Use the joystick to increase or decrease the parameter value. Press the HOLD button to select the new value. To exit the Setup mode, press the SET button.

The newly selected values will go into effect when exiting Setup mode, but will not be preserved if the camera's power is turned off. To change power-on parameter values, edit the file with Mu or your favorite text editor.

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