It's time to get the PyGamer ready by installing CircuitPython and its libraries, plug in the speaker and battery, and put it into an elegant enclosure. Once the enclosure is in place, we'll attach the AMG8833 FeatherWing and load the Thermal Camera code.

You can build the Thermal Camera from individual components or from the PyGamer Starter Kit. Add the AMG8833 FeatherWing and you'll be ready to go.

Assembling the PyGamer

The PyGamer Introduction will guide you through the process of setting up the PyGamer to include the case, battery, and speaker.

You may follow the Starter Kit enclosure instructions for installing the speaker and battery, even if you don't plan to use the enclosure.

Prepare the FeatherWing

Solder the included male headers onto the AMG8833 FeatherWing and attach it through the acrylic back panel into the PyGamer's Feather connector. Refer to the soldering guide if this is your first time with a soldering iron.

Preparing the PyGamer with CircuitPython, Libraries, and Accessories

The PyGamer Introduction guide also has the information needed to install CircuitPython and its libraries.

This guide was first published on Jan 29, 2020. It was last updated on Jun 11, 2024.

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