There are lots of ways to plug things into the PyGamer and PyBadge boards, including the Feather header pins, two JST connectors, and STEMMA connector. We'll use a NeoPixel strip that terminates in the three pin JST connector so we can plug it directly into one of the two JST ports.

The JST connectors on the PyGamer allow us to access pins D2 and D3 (these are also analog A8 & A9, incidentally). We'll plug our NeoPixel strip into the JST port marked D3. This will provide us with power, ground, and data for the NeoPixels.

The JST connector is keyed, or polarized, so it can only fit in one way.

Looking at the back side of the board, we'll use the three-pin JST port on the right side, which is labeled "D3".

Go ahead and plug in the JST connector.

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