Whether it's the soundtrack for your workout or a mix for your sweetheart, you can turn your PyGamer into a standalone MP3 player with JEplayer.

This guide will take you through the steps of assembling the PyGamer case, installing CircuitPython and JEplayer, adding your music and art, and then using the player itself.

JEplayer builds on the native MP3 playback features added in CircuitPython 5.  So when you install CircuitPython, make sure the version number is 5.3.0 or later!

Installing or upgrading CircuitPython

You should ensure you have CircuitPython 5.3.0 or greater on your board. Plug your board in with a known good data + power cable (not the cheesy USB cable that comes with USB power packs, they are power only). You should see a new flash drive pop up.

If the drive is CIRCUITPY, then open the boot_out.txt file to ensure the version number is 5.3.0 or greater. 

Adafruit CircuitPython 5.3.0 on 2020-04-29; Adafruit PyGamer with samd51j19

If you need to install or upgrade CircuitPython, see this guide page on the pygamer.

The PyGamer board doesn't have a built in speaker. If you buy the kit, it includes a speaker; or use standard 3.5mm headphones for private audio listening.


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