Slim Right-Angle Jumpers

Each component features a slim right-angle jumper cable for easily connecting to the headers on the PyBadge. These were created using male jumper cables. The pins are carefully bent at a right-angle and trimmed slightly to fit the short headers. Pins are soldered to the ends of each wire. 

Slide Switch

Connect the slide switch to a piece of 2-wire silicone ribbon cable. 50mm (2in) long wire is recommended. Use the middle pin and either the far left or right pin.

Stemma Cable

The stemma cable was shortened in this project is not required. There is enough space in the enclosure for the full length of wire.

Metal Ball Button

Connect the button to a piece of 2-wire silicone ribbon cable. 50mm (2in) is recommended. Use the two pins that are joins on the one side.

This guide was first published on Apr 24, 2020. It was last updated on May 03, 2024.

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