PyBadge & TensorFlow Lite

3D print a case with a flip out mic! This case is designed for the TensorFlow Lite Kit. Use the Adafruit PyBadge, battery and microphone to build a machine learning project!

Prerequisite Guides

This guide covers the wiring and assembly. Walk through the following learn guide to get the software setup on your PyBadge.


The TensorFlow Lite for microcontroller kit includes the following

Additional Parts

Female holding an a assembled TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers Kit.
Machine learning has come to the 'edge' - small microcontrollers that can run a very miniature version of TensorFlow Lite to do ML computations. But you don't...
In Stock
Mini Oval Speaker with Short Wires
Hear the good news! This wee speaker is a great addition to any audio project where you need 8 ohm impedance and 1W or less of power. We particularly like...
In Stock
Filament for 3D printers in various colors and types stacked together.
Having a 3D printer without filament is sort of like having a regular printer without paper or ink.  And while a lot of printers come with some filament there's a good chance...
Out of Stock
Stickvise PCB Vise on table
Are you still looking for that perfect PCB holder? The low profile PCB Stickvise might be just the thing you need!In performing the simple task...
In Stock
Large blue silicone mat
This silicone mat is made of 4mm thick rubber and can take just about anything you throw at it. It's stable, strong, non-slip, non-conductive and heat-resistant surface for your...
In Stock

Other Materials Used

1 x Starbond Super Glue
EM-150 Medium
1 x Hot Glue
For strain relief on wired connections

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