JST Cable

Get the microphone and 3-pin JST cable. We'll solder the three wires directly into the pins on the microphone PCB.

Do not solder the strip of headers to the microphone (included with the kit) – It won't fit inside the 3D printed case. If it is already soldered, you may trim them short.

JST Wire Length

The JST cable is too long to fit inside the case, so we'll need to shorten the three wires. Measure the wire so its 47mm(1.85in) in length. Using wire cutter, snip the three wires short.

Wire Stripping

You'll need to expose the strands of wire in order to solder them into the pins on the microphone. Use wire stripper to remove a bit of insulation from the tips of the wires.

Wire Tinning

To prevent the strands of wire from fraying, we'll need to tin the wires with a bit of solder. I suggest using a pair of third helping hands to secure the wires while soldering. 

Wire Microphone

Remove the JST cable from the helping hands and inspect the wires – They should be evenly tinned with solder. Get the microphone and JST cable ready for soldering.

PCB Stickvise

We'll need to solder the three wires from the JST cable to the pins on the microphone. I suggest using a stickvise to secure the microphone PCB in place while soldering. You may tin the pins by adding a bit of solder.

Solder Wires to PCB

Carefully solder the wires into the pins. Follow the connections below for reference.

  • RED wire to VCC pin
  • BLACK wire to GND pin
  • WHITE wire to OUT

Wired Microphone

After soldering, you may remove the PCB from the stickvise. Thoroughly inspect the solder joints and ensure ensure they're solid.

Strain Relief

The wired connections will under go a lot of stress when the hinged door is opened and closed. Without any strain relief, the wires will eventually break. A bit of hot glue around these wired connections will prevent the wires from excessive flex. Apply hot glue around the wired connections. 

Take caution when handling hot glue guns. Watch your fingers!

This guide was first published on Jul 24, 2019. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

This page (Microphone Wiring) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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