3D Printed Parts

Parts are designed to be 3D printed with FDM based machines. STL files are oriented to print "as is". Machines with dual extrusion or single extrusion setups are listed below with parts name and description. Parts require tight tolerances that might need adjusting slice setting. Reference the suggested settings below.


Use these settings as reference. Values listed were used in Ultimaker's CURA slicing software.

  • 0.2mm Layer Height / 0.4mm nozzle
  • 0.38mm Line Width (inner & outer widths)
  • 40mm/s printing speed
  • 20% infill
  • Supports: No

Parts list

  • pymic-bottom.stl – Bottom half of the case
  • pymic-cover.stl – Top half of the case
  • pymic-hinge.stl – Print in place hinge for microphone
  • pymic-reset.stl – Button for actuating the reset button

Bezel Cover

You'll need to attach the bezel to the cover using adhesive.

Starbond Super Glue

We suggest using Starbond Super Glue, EM-150 Medium. The starbond super glue includes a very fine tipped nozzle, perfect for applying a very thin line of adhesive.

Apply Glue

Apply super glue along the rim of the bezel. Be cautious not to apply too much or too little super glue.

Attach Top Cover

With the bezel flat on your work surface, orient the top cover so it's line up with the bezel. Slowly lower the cover and place it on top of the bezel. Press the cover down onto the bezel. Use finger and carefully press the parts together. Lightly blow air onto the two parts, this will help prevent the glue from hazing.

Bottom and Hinge

The hinge will need to super glued to the bottom half of the case. The bottom cover features a cutout that matches exactly with the hinged door. Orient the parts so they're lined up and matching.

Apply Glue

Super glue will need to be applied to the bottom side of the hinge – this is the surface which was printed on the bed of the 3D printer. Apply a small amount of adhesive across the surface of the hinge. Be very careful not to get any glue on the hinge.

Attach Hinge

Carefully place the hinge over the bottom half of the case. Orient the parts so the cutouts are lined up. Slowly press the parts together.

Allow the glue a few minutes to cure before handling. Test the door hinge by pulling it opening and closing it shut.

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