You can build your own model garage with a functioning automatic garage door powered by a Circuit Playground Express, servo motor, and pushrod mechanism created with a paperclip, cardboard, a dowel, and a straw!

You'll code the Circuit Playground Express using MakeCode so that it can open or close your garage door at the press of a button, and even build a light activation mode that will automatically open the door for you!

Parts & Materials

For materials, you'll need:

  • small, corrugated cardboard box
  • drinking straw
  • wooden dowel or bamboo skewer
  • paper clip.

The electronics you'll need are listed below.

1 x Circuit Playground Express
Incredibly awesome microcontroller board
1 x Standard servo
TowerPro SG-5010


Here are the tools you'll use to build the project:

  • Hobby knife
  • Metal ruler
  • Hot melt glue gun and hot melt glue -- either low or high temperature is fine
  • Pencil
  • Small pair of pliers for paper clip bending (optional, you can do it with your fingers too!)
Last updated on May 13, 2018 Published on May 13, 2018