Custom Enclosure

The parts in this project were specifically designed for the components listed in the bill of materials. Different micro-controller, display, switch and buttons most likely will not fit. If you’d like to source different parts, the CAD source files are available to download and modify.

Filament / Materials

The parts can be printed in different types of materials. For best effects, we used Ninajflex (TPE filament) for the wings, glow-in-the-dark PLA for the unicorn horn, and opaque purple PLA for the face pieces. You can however, use any type/color and paint them if you wish.


Face bottom part

Purple PLA


Face top part

Purple PLA


Plate for mounting to wall



Attaches to face parts



Hollow unicorn horn



Left wing


Righ wing


Support Material

Only two parts, face-bot and face-top will require support material. All of the parts are oriented in the optimal position printing. Depending on your slicing software, you will have to choose between automatically generated supports or custom supports if your using software such as Simplify 3D. For the most part, automatically generated supports will be suffice.

Tolerances, tweaks and differences

If you're planning to use this project to replace your doorbell, you should check how your household doorbell is mounted. This may be different than the one modeled for this project. The 3D source files are available to modify and tweak if you'd like to fit it to your doorbell.

Glue Halves

Use E6000 adhesives to permanently bond the two face pieces together. A toothpick can help spread the glue across the surface. Be sure to allow the parts to dry for several hours before mounting the components to them.

Eye Lens (Not 3D Printed)

1.5 inch (38mm) cabochons (domes) magnify the screens slightly and give the eyes a cool 3D shape. I found mine at Tap Plastics, but any good plastics supplier should have these…or there’s eBay or Etsy. For good magnification and for the cases to hold them properly, the lenses you use should have a high dome to them…a full half-sphere.

This guide was first published on Oct 29, 2015. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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