Glowing Halloween Props with Sound Effects

Add NeoPixel LEDs and sound effects to your Halloween Props with Adafruit's Circuit Playground Bluefruit. Wireless trigger lights and sounds with the Bluefruit LE connect app for iOS and Android.

In this project, we'll show you how to add the Ciruit Playground Bluefruit and STEMMA speaker to an inexpensive plastic pumpkin. These LED pumpkins from SEASONS is commonly available and features a single LED with a 2x AA battery pack. 

Illuminated Pumpkin

These plastic pumpkins are available in many different retail stores. They come in different colors and styles and feature the same circuit. Check the bottom cover to see if your pumpkin is similar. The label reads "SEASONS - U.S. PATENT NO: 6629770". The patent document can be found here.

Parts List

Components used to build this project.

Prerequisite Guides

The following guide walks through wiring a slide switch adapter in great detail. Check it out if you're new to soldering or looking for more examples of wiring up a slide switch.


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Optional On/Off Switch

If you'd like to use an on/off switch that doesn't require any soldering, you can use the pre-wired JST on/off switch. It's a bit bigger and may not be as hidden.

By popular request - we now have a way you can turn on-and-off Lithium Polymer batteries without unplugging them.This PH2 Female/Male JST 2-pin Extension...
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