Drill Hole for Switch

In order to panel mount the toggle switch, a small hole will need to be drilled on the back of the pumpkin. I suggest using a rotary tool to create the hole. 

Use a 1/4in (6.35mm) sized drill bit.

Secure Switch

Insert the toggle switch into the pumpkin and push it through the hole. Hold the switch in place while installing the washer. Tightly fasten the hex nut onto the threaded stem on the toggle switch. Pull the two JST connector out of the pumpkin so the battery and CPB can be connected.

Connect Battery to Switch

Grab the male connector from the switch and plug it into the JST connector on the 500mAh battery.

Connect Switch to Circuit Playground Bluefruit

Plug in the female JST connector from the switch to the JST port on the Circuit Playground Bluefruit. The length of the cables should be sufficient for the CPB to rest outside of the pumpkin. 

Final Circuit Test

Before installing the 3D printed bottom onto the pumpkin, it's a good idea to test the circuit. Flip the switch to power on the Circuit Playground Bluefruit. Turn the circuit off once test is working and complete.

Installing Bottom

Fit the mount into the pumpkin with the notch and mounting holes lined up. Carefully fit the wiring into the pumpkin and try to avoid pinching or kinking the cables.

Secure Bottom

Grab the four screws and begin to fasten them into the mounting holes. Hold the pumpkin in place while fastening the screws.

Final Adjustments

Turn the circuit on and test out the lights and sounds. The wires from the battery and switch might be visible inside the pumpkin. You can adjust them if you'd like but it may become tedious. I found it a bit difficult to hide all of the wiring so I just left it as it. Feel free to make any adjustments.

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