The LED driver board will take the 3.3V PWM signal from the Feather M0 and use it to control 12V power needed for the LED strips.  One board connected to a 12V 1A power supply is capable of pulsing the red channel of two 5-meter LED strips without the need for a heatsink.

The board itself is quite simple.  Check out the schematic below:

We put down a 1 Megaohm resistor for the pulldown resistor but later found 10Kohm works better!

Component layout

Place the components on the Perma-Proto board, solder, and trim any protruding leads.


Solder wire jumpers

Solder the necessary connections between components using solid core hookup/jumper wire. Check the image below to reference what connections need to be made:

The finished board should look something like this:



Label the terminal block

Label the terminal block to avoid incorrect connections. You can use a marker, paint, or the best of both worlds - a paint marker.


Since we're only using the red channel of the LED strips, each 12V LED Driver board will be able to power 2 x 5-meter strips. Build additional boards as needed …

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