About those headers …

In order to have access to the Feather M0's prototyping area, I decided to mount the MusicMaker Wing underneath the Feather.  I also wanted to easily connect & disconnect the Pulse Sensor - so this means we'll need female headers on both the M0 & MusicMaker Wing.


Solder the stacking female headers (headers with longer pins) to the Feather M0.


Solder the regular female headers to the MusicMaker FeatherWing.

Once complete, your boards should look something like this …

Mount components on Feather M0

We'll be adding two components to the Feather M0's prototyping area:

  • SPDT slide switch for muting sound & light output until we have a steady pulse
  • 5-pin terminal block for easy connections to the LED driver boards

Here's a schematic showing all the connections we'll make to the Feather (including the Pulse Sensor Amped).


Position the terminal block and slide switch on the Feather's prototyping area and solder them in place.

Solder the bottom 3 pins of the terminal block to GND and solder the top 2 pins together (we'll connect these to pin 11).


Use solid core hookup wire to connect the M0's Pin 12 to the center pin of the switch and solder the switch's bottom pin to GND.


Use another hookup wire to connect the M0's Pin 11 to the top 2 pins of the terminal block. Solder the terminal blocks

For reference - below is a shot of the feather after soldering is complete.  Note the use of the GND bus conveniently located in the Feather's prototyping area:

To avoid mistakes later, use a marker or paint to label the terminal block's ground connections.


Connect it all


Connect the Feather M0 on top of the MusicMaker FeatherWing and make sure they're securely mounted. 


Connect the Pulse Sensor Amped to the Feather M0:

  • Purple wire->A0
  • Black wire->GND
  • Red wire->3V


Pop the SD card into the MusicMaker Wing, and you're good to go.

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