NeoPixel Ring

Two 3-pin JST cables will be wired to the 16x NeoPixel ring. Use heat shrink tubing to keep the wires bundled together – Don't forget to add a pieces of heat shrink onto the cable before soldering! Solder the 3-pin JST male cable to  ground, voltage and data-in pins. Then solder the 3-pin JST female cable to ground, voltage and data-out pins. 

NeoPixel Strip

Cut a segment from the NeoPixel strip containing 28 NeoPixel LEDs – This should be about the length of the blade. Put heat shrink on then Solder the second 3-pin JST cable (male) to the ground, voltage and data-in pads on the NeoPixel strip. Be sure to solder wires to the correct end – The arrow icons on the flex PCB indicate the flow of data. Slip the heat shrink over the joint and heat to seal the connection.

Toggle Switch

Wire up the switch in-line with the ground wire on the JST cable – This will allow the switch to power circuit on and off. Solder ground wires to the middle pin and either far left or right pin on the switch. Don't forget to add heat shrink before soldering!

If you'd like to recharge battery over USB – Connect the switch to the EN and GND pins on the Prop-Maker FeatherWing.
Using a JST adapter with the switch will not allow battery recharging over USB!


Remove the existing wires from the speaker. Solder the red wire to the positive marked JST wire and the black to the negative one. 

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