3D Printed Parts

Parts are designed to be 3D printed with FDM based machines. STL files are oriented to print "as is". Machines with dual extrusion or single extrusion setups are listed below with parts name and description. Parts require tight tolerances that might need adjusting slice setting. Reference the suggested settings below.

CURA Slicing

Parts were sliced using Ultimaker's CURA 4.x software and tested with an Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker 3. The handle, blade and canister are designed for dual extrusion. Import parts and choose materials per model. Use the Merge Models function to group parts and prepare  slicing for dual extrusion. Rotate to orient the merged models and reposition to center on the build plate. 

Slicing The Handle

The handle and grip are combined to form the handle. Orient the merged model so the flat top of the guard is touching the build plate. 

  • pmkb-handle.stl (Vertigo Galaxy PLA)
  • pmkb-handle-grip.stl (Cool Gray PLA)

Slicing The Blade

The blade is split into two parts, the frame and the teeth. Orient the part so the top of the blade is touching the build plate. Use a large brim (10mm) for best bed adhesion.

  • pmbk-blade-frame.stl (Vertigo Gray PLA)
  • pmbk-blade-teeth.stl (Transparent PLA)

Slicing The Canister

The canister is also two parts, the canister and panels. Orient the part so the top of the canister is touch the build plate – Reference the drafted angle to avoid using support material.

  • pmbk-can.stl (Vertigo Gray PLA)
  • pmbk-can-panels.stl (Transparent PLA)

Slicing The Pipe

The pipe and hose are combined to create one part in two colors. Orient the model so the top flange is touching the build plate.

  • pmkb-pipe-neck.stl (Rapunzel Silver PLA)
  • pmkb-pipe-hoose.stl (Vertigo Galaxy PLA)

Slicing Blade Decals

The blade uses two sets of decals that are dual extruded and glued to the surface of the blade frame – This allows for four different colors in the final part. This should be laid flat on the build plate.

1st Side

  • pmkb-blade-gold-bottom.stl
  • pmkb-blade-silver-bottom.stl

2nd Side

  • pmkb-blade-silver-top.stl
  • pmkb-blade-gold-top.stl


3D Parts

Here's the full parts list segmented for better readability.

  • Handle Assembly
    • pmkb-handle.stl
    • pmkb-handle-grip.stl
    • pmkb-handle-decal-a.stl
    • pmkb-handle-decal-b.stl
    • pmkb-handle-end.stl
    • pmkb-ring-single.stl
    • pmkb-ring-double.stl
  • Blade Assembly
    • pmkb-blade-frame.stl
    • pmkb-blade-bcover.stl
    • pmkb-blade-tcover.stl
    • pmkb-blade-teeth.stl
    • pmkb-blade-gold-top.stl
    • pmkb-blade-gold-bottom.stl
    • pmkb-blade-silver-bottom.stl
    • pmkb-blade-silver-top.stl
  • Can Assembly
    • pmkb-can.stl
    • pmkb-can-panels.stl
    • pmkb-can-cover.stl
    • pmkb-pcb-mount.stl
    • pmkb-cap.stl
  • Pipe Assembly
    • pmkb-pipe-neck.stl
    • pmkb-pipe-hoose.stl
    • pmkb-pipe-extender.stl
    • pmkb-tube.stl
    • pmkb-coupler.stl

Filament Colors

List of filament colors used in this project. PLA is by Fillamentum.com these are from their premium filament line of material.

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