Prophet 600 tuning process

Connect power to the Prophet and turn the unit on. On startup, the synth will begin the tuning process and you'll see different note numbers cycle through the red LED display. 

After the tuning process is complete, you'll see the "GliGli" title scroll across the display and then the synth will be ready to use.


Most of the potentiometers and switches will work as they did before - the biggest change you'll notice involves the Mixer and Glide controls. These have now been assigned to Oscillator A and Oscillator B levels respectively. This change allows the oscillator levels to be set independently and overdrive the synth's amplifier.


The new firmware doesn't include any presets.  You'll either need to make your own or upload a new set of presets over MIDI using a SysEx software tool such as MidiOx. GliGli's firmware download includes a .sysex file which includes recreations of the Prophet's original presets.

Learn More

The new firmware includes many functions which require keypad usage to access. Consult GliGli's PDF guide (included with firmware download) to learn how to use them all.

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