Now we're ready swap the Prophet 600's Z80 chip with the Teensy board.

Ensure the Prophet is powered down and remove the power cable. Open the Prophet by removing the screws on both wooden end panels.

Remove the Z80

Once the Prophet is open locate the Z80 near the lefthand side of the main PCB.

The Z80 chip we need to remove is located below the large yellow capacitor.

Place the jaws of your IC extraction tool firmly around the Z80, gripping it at both ends.  You'll need to rock the chip back and forth to free it from the socket, but we want to avoid bending its pins

Slowly pull the chip upward, alternating force slightly between both ends.

Once the chip is free, place it on a piece of conductive foam and store it in an antistatic bag. You can reinstall it later if you decide to revert the synth to its original state.

Install the Teensy++

Insert the Teensy's long wire into the pin 30 contact of the exposed socket.  It's the tenth one up from the bottom on the right side of the socket - it corresponds with the pin we removed from the Teensy's header strips.

Align the Teensy's pins with the socket and press it firmly down into place. Once its in, confirm that the pin 30 wire remains secure in the socket as well.

If everything looks good, close the panel and replace the screws on both of the Prophet's wooden end caps.

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