Not sure what time it is? Never quite got the hang of reading an analog clock? Ask Adabot! In this project, you'll use an RP2040 Prop-Maker Feather running CircuitPython with a DS3231 real-time clock breakout to build a friendly, talking clock. Whenever you press the button on the top of Adabot's head, he will announce the current time for you.

Adabot's head is a remix of...Adabot's head from the Adabot Toy Robot Friend project. To accommodate the clock electronics, Adabot's head was lengthened and a few mounting holes were added.

Adabot Clock: The Remix

If this project sounds familiar, that's because it's a remake of the fantastic Wave Shield Talking Clock project by Phil B. That build was coded with Arduino and used the Wave Shield attached to an Arduino Uno. With the release of the RP2040 Prop-Maker Feather, it felt like a great time to revisit this idea.


Video of a white hand pressing a button to briefly turn an LED strip into white lights. Also wired up to the microcontroller are a servo motor and a speaker.
The Adafruit Feather series gives you lots of options for a small, portable, rechargeable microcontroller board. By picking a feather and stacking on a FeatherWing you can create...
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Angled shot of RTC breakout.
 The datasheet for the DS3231 explains that this part is an "Extremely Accurate I²C-Integrated RTC/TCXO/Crystal". And, hey, it does exactly...
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NeoPixel Stick with 8 x 5050 RGB LED
Make your own little LED strip arrangement with this stick of NeoPixel LEDs. We crammed 8 of the tiny 5050 (5mm x 5mm) smart RGB LEDs onto a PCB with mounting holes and a chainable...
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Angled shot of 16mm black panel mount pushbutton.
OK, this item is pretty simple - it's a panel mount pushbutton. It's not that exciting, no LEDs, no bells & whistles. But we really like it anyways – look at that...
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Mini Oval Speaker with pico blade connector
Hear the good news! This wee speaker is a great addition to any audio project where you need 8 ohm impedance and 1W or less of power. We particularly like...
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Angled shot of STEMMA QT / Qwiic JST SH 4-pin Cable.
This 4-wire cable is a little over 100mm / 4" long and fitted with JST-SH female 4-pin connectors on both ends. Compared with the chunkier JST-PH these are 1mm pitch instead of...
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1 x CR1220 Battery
3V Lithium Coin Cell Battery
1 x Heat shrink
Pack - 3/32" + 1/8" + 3/16" Diameters
1 x Silicone Wire
30AWG in Various Colors

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