How to install Scratch 3 using the Recommended Software app

Open up the menu, click on Preferences > Recommended Software, and then select Scratch 3 and click on OK.

How to install Scratch 3 using the terminal

Open a terminal window, and type in and run the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install scratch3

Add the Extension

Once Scratch 3 is installed on the Pi, go ahead and open up Scratch 3 by clicking the Raspberry Pi icon on the top left of the desktop, then Programming>Scratch3

Add the Raspberry Pi GPIO extension

Click the blue icon at the bottom left of the application to open the extensions.

Select the extension entitled "Raspberry Pi GPIO"

Now we have access to some awesome GPIO functionality which we'll get to next!

Read more about the different Raspberry Pi extensions for Scratch here!

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