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Guides for product: Clear Adhesive Squares - 6 pack

UGlu Dashes are perfect for a variety of small projects. These adhesive squares provide a stronger bond to most surfaces and are cleaner and easier to remove without the wait, mess, or hassle.

Adheres to a wide variety of surfaces, including, but not limited to carpet, canvas, fabrics, plastic, metal, glass, paper, wood, granite, tile, craft foam, ceiling tile, fiberglass, cement, ceramics, drywall, wallpaper, foam board, laminates, leather, and more. Add a non-toxic and acid-free adhesive to your projects!

Each dash is approx 17.2mm x 15.2mm

We include 6 which is just the right number for small projects! We like to use them to mount LED acrylic onto RGB matrices because they don't have a big effect on the LED brightness.