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Guides for product: Connie the Transistor - Circuit Playground Plushie

Connie is the co-leader of the group with Cappy. Connie is much more level-headed though, and somewhat of a mother figure for the others, particularly Ruby and Billie. She is very thorough, remarkably smart, and has a good heart. She is very dedicated to the others and acts as a balance to the zaniness of Cappy and Ruby. Connie is able to handle Hans' indecision, Ruby's hyperactivity, Billie's soulful blueness, and Cappy's impulsiveness with good-natured aplomb. Connie's voice is that of a calm, adult woman. Her catchphrase is "very nice, very nice" said in an unpatronizing, motherly, humoring sort of way.

About BJTs:
The first BJTs were created at Bell Labs in 1948 by William Shockley, building on his work with John Bardeen and Walter Brattain in 1947. A transistor is an active electronic device that allows one circuit to control another circuit, and as such finds use as a switch, amplifier, or buffer.


Connie the Transistor Circuit Playground Plushie (8:30)