This part only works with the early 2014 models of the Printrbot Simple Metal
***UPDATE: We recommend using the Gear Head Extruder upgrade from Printrbot to print Ninjaflex

Get the Gear Head Extruder

This part is out of date and no longer supported

NinjaFlex is our favorite TPE based filament because it works great with our wearable projects.

If you've ever tried printing NinjaFlex on a PrintrBot, you may have noticed a small problem. It doesn't extrude so well. TPE material is so flexible that the filament actually buckles just before reaching the hotend. The drive gear and the hotend are so far apart that the filament can actually tangle!

Our 3D printed filament upgrade eliminates this problem by guiding the filament directly to the drive gear, removing any room to buckle.

Designed to print right on your PrintrBot in just ten minutes, the installation is easy and requires no extra parts.

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