The top screw is removed to detach the spring loaded arm from the motor. Loosen the second screw on the arm to detach the ball bearing.

Set the spring loaded arm on a flat surface, use a phillips screwdriver to remove the bearing off.
Set the washer aside and store away, the filament guide is thick enough to compensate.
Slide off the top hex screw and remove the screw from black plastic tube.
The filament guide is installed in front of the spring loaded arm and mounted in place. Hold on to the filament guide while positioning the bearing into place.
Attach the filament guide by tightly fastening the phillips screw.
Insert the hex screw tube back into place.
Align the hex screw with the tube. You can loosen the the phillips screw if the top is slightly misaligned.
That's it! Now time to install it on the motor.
Before you feed NinjaFlex into the extruder, insure the nozzle is clean by forcing out any clogs with a strong thin metal poker.
Use a thin metal apparatus and poke it down into the nozzle, forcing out any material that gets built up inside the nozzle.
Align the spring screw over the hole on to the motor mount. Adjust the screw if it doesn't fit through both walls.
Press down on the spring arm to apply pressure while aligning the top hex screw into place.
Increase the bearing pressure by tightening the spring screw until it's close to the top of it's walls.
Guide your favorite NinjaFlex color down the tube!
If it doesn't extrude and you can feel that it's clogged, insure the nozzle is clean by forcing out any clogs with a strong thin metal poker.

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