The STL files are tested on a PrintrBot Simple Metal, Makerbot Replicator 1, 2 and can be sliced with any slicing program using PLA or ABS filament. We recommend using ABS as the it will provide stronger support.


PLA or ABS @230
2 Shells
Infill %10
90 Feedrate

90 Travel Speed

for ABS heat bed to 120 

10-20 Minutes

You can either print pbotmotor-support.stl, which has supports included in the model. Optionally, you can print pbotmotor.stl, with no supports. You can add support structures separately with your slicing program.

3D Printing with NinjaFlex on PrintrBot

Increase extrude temperature to 250. This helps relive pressure on the filament as it feeds. Travel Speed should be lowered to 45mms and Feed rate should be increased to 150mms Disable retraction when extruding 

This guide was first published on May 20, 2014. It was last updated on May 20, 2014.

This page (3D Printing) was last updated on May 20, 2014.

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