This is an almost entirely plug-and-play circuit. You'll use STEMMA QT cables to connect the BNO055 and Wiichuck adapter to the QT Py. The piezo element connects to the driver board with screw terminals. The only soldering to do is the 3-pin STEMMA JST-PH cable's bare end to the GND, 3V, and MO pins of the QT Py.

Piezo Element

Insert the wires of the piezo element each into a terminal on the piezo driver board as shown, then tighten the two screws to secure.

JST Connection

Use the 3-wire JST-PH cable to connect the QT Py to the piezo driver. Plug the connector into the driver board.

Cut the Dupont connectors off of the wires and strip a short bit of insulation from each wire.

Optionally, slide a bit of heat shrink tubing over the wires to keep them neat.

Solder the wires to the QT Py:

  • black to GND
  • red to 3V
  • white to MO

Wiichuck Adapter

Plug the Wiichuck adapter into the BNO055's right side STEMMA QT port using the shorter STEMMA QT cable.

Plug the Wiichuck into the adapter, being mindful to plug it in "notch side up" as indicated on the boad.

9-DOF Sensor

Plug the QT Py into the BNO055's left side STEMMA QT port using the longer STEMMA QT cable.

The circuit is all ready for coding!

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