If you love the satisfaction of pressure washing dirt off of driveways, house siding, benches, and more, but want to do so virtually, than you may want to keep the party going with the PowerWash Simulator game for Windows PCs. However, mouse and keyboard control are a bit of a letdown compared to the real thing. That's why we've created the PowerWash Simulator Nozzle Controller!

Heft a real pressure washer nozzle in your hands and aim at all that dirt and grime to blast it away. A CircuitPython-powered QT Py RP2040 with BNO055 9-DOF orientation sensor know where you're aiming! A connected Wiichuck provides extra controls for triggering the water, movement, and more.


Video of hand holding a QT Py PCB in their hand. An LED glows rainbow colors.
What a cutie pie! Or is it... a QT Py? This diminutive dev board comes with one of our new favorite chip, the RP2040. It's been made famous in the new
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Angled shot of a Adafruit 9-DOF Absolute Orientation IMU Fusion Breakout.
If you've ever ordered and wire up a 9-DOF sensor, chances are you've also realized the challenge of turning the sensor data from an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer...
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Hand holding a Wiichuck controller pressing buttons. The controller is connected to the breakout wired to a Feather with OLED showing the streaming controller data
Dig out that old Wii controller and use it as a sleek controller for your next robot if you like. The Adafruit Adafruit Wii Nunchuck Breakout Adapter fits snugly into the Wii connector...
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Angled shot of a piezo breakout board wired to a piezo buzzer.
Piezos make noise when you put an AC voltage across them: and the bigger the Vpp the louder they are. With your standard 3V logic microcontroller you can make 3Vpp with a PWM out, or...
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Hand gripping Wii controller (Nunchuck / Wiichuck)
This is a generic Wii Nunchuck controller, we haven't tried it with a Wii but it does work great with the Video Game shield, and all the microcontroller code we tried. May come in...
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1 x USB Type A to Type C Cable
approx 1 meter / 3 ft long
1 x USB Extension Cable
3 meters / 10 ft long

PC and Game

You'll need a Windows PC and the PowerWash Simulator game as well. This is not tested with with console versions of the game.

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