The video above shows the Power Glove MIDI controller in action. In it, the Power Glove has been paired with a mac os computer with the MIDI CC values have been mapped to various controls in the software modular synthesizer VCV Rack.

To use the Power Glove MIDI controller with a mac os machine, follow these setup instructions.

On iOS devices, you can use the MIDI Wrench app to create and test the BLE MIDI connection, and then use it to "port" the MIDI messages to other apps, such as AudioKit Synth One and Moog Minimoog which you can see in action below:

Most of these software synths will provide a way to map CC values to any function you like, often with a "MIDI learn" mode as well as explicit number entry.

You can also use BLE MIDI with some hardware synthesizers, as well as with BLE MIDI add-on dongles, such as this one from Yamaha which adds BLE MIDI to synths with classic DIN-5 MIDI.

Enjoy your Power Glove wireless MIDI controller. It's so bad!

This guide was first published on Apr 19, 2020. It was last updated on Dec 09, 2023.

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