Wire Trellis PCB

Secure the Trellis driver to the Panavise Jr. Apply solder to the INT, G, 5V, SCL and SDA pins on the edge of the PCB. Measure and cut 5 pieces of 30AWG wire to about 10cm in length. Strip and tin each wire. Solder the wires to the tinned pins on the Trellis PCB.

Prep Pro Trinket & Audio FX Soundboard

Tin UG and GN pins on the FX board. Measure and cut a piece of 30AWG wire to about 3cm in length. Solder the wire to the UG and GND pins. Tin 5V, A2, A4 and A5 pins on the Pro Trinket.

Secure the Pro Trinket to the third-helping hands. Secure the Audio FX soundboard to the Panavise Jr. Bring them pretty close together so you can wire them up.

Wire Trellis to Pro Trinket

Connect the wires from the Trellis to the Pro Trinket. Solder wires on Trellis 5V to 5V, INT to A2, SDA to A4 and SCL to A5.

Wire Trellis Ground to Audio FX soundboard

We need to solder the ground wire from the Trellis PCB to one of the GND pins on the Audio FX sound board.

Wire Audio FX soundboard to Pro Trinket

Next up we need to connect the Audio FX soundboard to the Pro Trinket. Measure and cut four pieces of 30AWG wires to about 5cm in length. Strip and tin each wire. You'll need to connect the following pins together.

  • ACT to A1
  • RX to #6
  • TX to #5
  • RST to #4

Wire Speakers to Audio FX soundboard

Tin the negative and positive L/R pads on the FX sound board. Cut the wires short on both speakers so they're about 10cm in length. Strip the wires and tin them with solder. Solder the speaker wires to the positive L/R pads on the audio fx soundboard.

Final Circuit

Yay, you circuit is now complete! Try to keep the wiring organized, so avoid getting tangled while moving things around. Ideally you wanna have the Pro Trinket next to the Audio FX soundboard. So try keeping the wiring separate from each other. 

Plug in the JST cable from the 1200mAh lipo battery and see if it all powers on. If it doesn't, double check your wiring. If everything powers up, lets move onto mounting the circuit to the enclosure. 

This guide was first published on Apr 13, 2015. It was last updated on Jun 20, 2024.

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