You're ganna need 16 #4-40 3/8 machine screws and 4 (or 8) hex nuts. Also, a screw driver.

Install Speakers

Line up the mounting holes on the side of the enclosure with the ones on the speakers. Insert the speaker into the frame and position it so it’s lined up with the speaker cut out. Insert four #4-40 machine screws into the mounting holes on the frame.

Mount Speakers to Enclosure

Place a hex nut into the screw and hold it in place while you fasten the screw until it's tight. You can do this to only two screws or all four - it's pretty secure with just two.

Thread Standoffs

You'll want to fasten #4-40 machine screws into the standoffs on the bottom cover. This will actually thread the threads and open up holes to make it easier to fasten later. 

Mount Pro Trinket

You'll want to loosen the two mounting holes on the Pro Trinket (the ones in front, close to the microUSB connector). I used #4-40 falt phillips screws (the sharp pointy kind) to do this. Fasten the screw slowly to avoid breaking the PCB.

Place the Pro Trinket onto the bottom cover and match up the standoffs. Hold the PCB in place while you fasten two #4-40 screws into the bottom cover. 

Mount Audio FX soundboard

The mounting holes on the audio FX soundboard PCB is a bit more open, but I recommend making the threads, so fasten machine screws into the two mounting holes up front and than take them out.

Place the Audio FX soundboard ontop of the standsoffs on the bottom cover. Insert the two #4-40 screws and fasten the PCB to the bottom cover.

Insert Trellis PCB through Enclosure

Place the Trellis through the bottom of the enclosure. The bottom has the port cut outs.

Close bottom cover

Place the bottom cover over the enclosure frame. Line up the microUSB connectors with the cut outs on the enclosure. 

Secure bottom cover

Hold the bottom cover in place. Insert and fasten four #4-40 3/8 flat phillips machine screws into the corner mounting holes on the bottom cover.

Install Slide Switch

Unsolder the two wires on the slide switch from the Pro Trinket Lipo backpack add-on. Insert the switch into the cut out on the side of the enclosure with the wires going in first. Press the slide switch into the cut out. Apply a bit of adhesive to perminently mount it in place. Don't forget to solder the wires from the slide switch back onto the Pro Trinket lipo backpack.

Plug in Power 

At this point you'll want to connect the JST cable from the 1200mAh lipo battery to the Pro Trinket lipo backpack. Place the lipo battery into the enclosure.

Install Trellis

Check the edges of the PCB for any sharp bits. Smooth them out using a filing tool. Place the Trellis PCB onto the tray and press it down to snap it in place.

Lay the tray on top over the enclosure frame and press it down until it rests on the inner lip.


Elastomers & Cover

Orient the nubs on the elastomers with the proper holes on the Trellis PCB. Lay the keypad over the PCB and lightly press it down.

Place the cover over the elastomers and press it down until it snaps into the enclosure.

Insert and fasten four #4-40 3/8 flat phillips machine screws into the mounting holes.

Finished Soundboard

And now you have a Trellis soundboard! Turn it on and try it out.

If you have the audio thing all sorted out, then you're ready to rock!

Next page will go over some basic things about uploading audio samples.

This guide was first published on Apr 13, 2015. It was last updated on Jun 11, 2024.

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